Day in the Life with CEO and President of Good Samaritan Medical Center

Day in the life is designed to give our associates and patients a “behind the scenes” look at what different departments and people do inside the hospital.  It takes many teams within the hospital to ensure we are providing the best care for our patients.

One person who makes sure everything is running smoothly in the hospital is CEO and President of Good Samaritan Medical Center, Dave Hamm.  Dave has been at Good Samaritan since before the hospital was standing. He helped plan Good Sam and has been here ever since. Because he is such a big part of the hospital, we decided to take a closer look into his every day work life.


Every morning Dave checks in with Janis Mitchell, Hospital Supervisor, to see how many patients are in the hospital and determine staffing based on that. Most days, they can share a smile while leading the hospital.


Volunteers help in 27 different departments in the hospital, from greeting to the surgical waiting area to canine companions. Penny (right) and Nancy are volunteer greeters who help greet patients and visitors. Dave checks in with Penny to express his appreciation.  He wants them to feel as welcome as they make our patients feel.


Next, Dave checks in with Kathy Masur, Front Desk Receptionist for Medical Imaging, to make sure everything is running smoothly.  Each day, Kathy writes a different quote on the board at the Medical Imaging desk. On this day, Dr. Seuss reminds us how important it is to be you.


Neil Sorensen, Emergency Department technician, is often the first person patients see when they enter our Level II trauma center. Dave makes sure Neil has what he needs to offer a warm welcome to our most urgent patients.


Every week, Dave meets with Good Samaritan Medical Center’s senior leadership team to cover anything and everything to improve patient care.  From meeting rooms to care settings, you can find our patient advocacy philosophy statement: The patient and family are the center of every thought, communication and action at Good Samaritan Medical Center.  Dave makes sure this is carried out throughout the hospital and we must say, he does a great job!