Help Our Patients Get Some ZZZZZs


Like any big city with a night life, hospitals are bustling with activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike those visiting a big city, that’s exactly the sort of thing our guests don’t want.

Patients deserve a healing environment that is as peaceful as possible, despite the inevitable noises on a hospital floor. Hospitals that take actions to keep the care environment quiet report significantly higher patient experience scores than those that don’t.

That’s why SCL Health is working to educate our associates on how to create quieter and more restful environments day and night at our care sites, in order to provide the most healing environment possible and help our patients to have better experiences and better outcomes. Nursing and quality leaders say even just a few simple things can make a big difference in how patients feel – and rate us – during their stay.

For instance, some patients have reported being unable to rest due to the personal conversations overheard in hallways, while others talk about the incessant sounds of alarms throughout the night.

So, what can you do to promote a calmer clinical environment?

  • Be intentional about identifying and reducing unnecessary noise such as conversations, preventable call lights and alarms.
  • Put in work orders for squeaky doors and wheels, or other noisy equipment.
  • Communicate with our patients that we are committed to creating a restful environment. Offer them a quiet kit (ear plugs and eye masks) if you know there will be construction, for example. Let them know how long it will last, and perhaps offer to shut the door, if appropriate.
  • Engage with the rest of your team around a quiet environment. Be accepting of feedback from your colleagues, and be willing to give feedback and take action on your own when you see opportunities to reduce noise for our patients.


Message from Grant

Leadership updates

We’ve sent a few personnel announcements recently to your managers and directors:

We are actively engaged in the search for a new Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Tina Johnson has decided to step down from the CMO position to focus on supporting and inspiring innovation and safe, quality care at Lutheran in her current role as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. We have several internal and external candidates for the CMO position, and hope to have an announcement in the next couple of months.

Carol Salzmann has been named the VP of Community and Government Affairs. She will lead federal, state, local and community advocacy and political efforts for Lutheran and remain on the Senior Leadership Team. We will be transitioning the Lutheran Medical Center Foundation to new leadership in the coming weeks.

Deb Lowery, whom some of you may remember from her time in our Labor and Delivery department, has agreed to assume the role of Administrative Director of Women’s Services at Lutheran. She currently also serves as the Senior Director of Women and Infant Services at Saint Joseph Hospital.

Please join me in welcoming and supporting these leaders in their new roles.

Fun in the Summertime

The weather is great, and people are hopefulJellyBellies2ly enjoying the season and even some time off.  There is a lot going on in the world and the country, and I encourage everyone to be safe and vigilant wherever you may be.

At Lutheran, we like to have some fun year-round. The annual barbecue will be coming up in August, and the Café staff is grilling out on the patio most Wednesdays now to take advantage of the summer.

Last week, we held a Jelly Belly party to celebrate your great participation in the annual Associate Satisfaction Survey. We’ll be sharing results of the survey soon to help in planning for an improved culture and environment at work.

Have a great week,


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