Capital City Cowboys Raise Funds for the St. Francis Health Foundation

Capital City CowboysThe day’s activities provided constant reminders of why this shoot was more special than an ordinary day on the range. Their normally authentic cowboy attire and ammunition was noticeably pink. Each member had a pink ribbon tied around their arm or cowboy hat. Even the targets had been painted pink for the day.

The Capital City Cowboys is a group of men and women of all ages who participate in competitive shooting. They dress in old west attire and choose cowboy nicknames like “Southern Gentleman”, “Doc”, “Bad Moon” and “Opossum”, which is how they are addressed during the shoot. The group is extremely friendly and welcoming, and there is a good measure of laughter and conversation. To learn more about the Capital City Cowboys, visit their website

Thank you to the Capital City Cowboys for the kindness and compassion you have shown our patients through your donation. The money you have raised will go to help many of the patients of the St. Francis Health Comprehensive Cancer Center.



PaintFest Fun!

Lutheran held a successful  PaintFest America, Stars of Hope tour stop on Friday, July 29. Lutheran was the only Colorado site chosen for the event meant to honor cancer patients and survivors and invite the community to paint murals and a panel that will represent Colorado in New York City on Aug. 23.

The event included speakers, decorations, music and entertainment and was held on the Lutheran patio and the patio outside the Infusion Center. Patients, staff, physicians and visitors participated.  Click here to view photos from the event. Watch the fun video below!

The Foundation for Hospital Art hosted PaintFest America, a 50-day event (July 5th—Aug. 23rd) in order to reach the families, patients, and staff of cancer facilities in each state through artwork. In Colorado, the PaintFest America event will be held in partnership with Lutheran Medical Center.

Multiple murals were supplied by the Foundation for Hospital Art at each PaintFest America stop. The murals feature different designs and offer a paint-by-numbers type approach. No artistic talent needed!

There were 24 colorful panels painted to create four large murals to hang at Lutheran and other SCL Health facilities in the Denver area.

Cancer patients currently in treatment partnered with cancer survivors and oncology staff to paint a unique state specific panel that includes both the state bird and flower. That piece will be added to the 50-state mural “Stars of Hope” to be assembled in New York on the final day of the tour. The individual state panels will be returned to each participating hospital after the unveiling event on August 23.

Notable attendees and speakers included:

  • Wheat Ridge Mayor Joyce Jay
  • Miss Colorado, Shannon Patilla
  • Scott Feight, Executive Director, Foundation for Hospital Art
  • Denise Black-Anderson, Director of Oncology and Specialty Services

Message from Grant – Aug. 1, 2016

Congratulations are in order for our Women’s Services and Labor and Delivery! Healthgrades® just announced the recipients of the Healthgrades 2016 Labor and Delivery Excellence Award™ and our team was honored. That puts us in the top 10 percent in the country for safe, quality care in labor and Delivery. More on the story in the newsletter.  As a bonus, Healthgrades gave special recognition to our patient engagement efforts including the “Your Moments” video and social media developed by our marketing expert. You can read about that in their Women’s Service White Paper.

Working to Improve Hand Hygiene

We all know the importance of hand hygiene in preventing hospital-acquired infections. It’s the easiest, simplest way to cut down on the roughly 722,000 infections that happen in acute-care hospitals each year. The costs of these infections are astounding: 75,000 patients died from HAIs in 2011. Those that contract infections are hospitalized longer, at greater cost. Did you know that 4 percent of all hospitalized patients have one or more HAIs on any given day??

Traffic LightAt Lutheran, we have always been serious about reducing infections. Our latest observation shows that we are at 88 percent compliance, which is pretty good, but of course we need it to be 100 percent. Now, our hand-hygiene campaign has a new tool. We’re piloting the Biovigil monitoring system in the ED and Internal Medicine, starting today. In 90 days or so, we’ll decide if we want to implement it house wide. We are the first in Colorado to try it.

It’s a “handy” gadget that will help us to be open and transparent with our patients and families about hand hygiene as we work to keep everyone safe and healthy. It’s a simple device, worn like a badge, which can detect whether a caregiver has performed hand hygiene and remind them if not.

With better monitoring and reporting, our infection prevention efforts should show great results – it’s worked in other facilities by increasing compliance by 100 to 200 percent, thereby reducing infections by between 28 and 63 percent.

I’m anxious to see if we can show similar successes here, and I appreciate all the staff and physicians for their willingness to try it out. If you want to know more about how it works, check with Fred Meisterplass, our administrative intern, who has assisted with the project. Happy hand washing!

Have a great week,