Birthday Bash Brings Smiles

Late last month, Tracy George, a C.N.A. on GSMC’s Med/Surg Pav. 1 unit, had an amazing idea. A TBI patient under her care since the beginning of the year had come to a point where he was requiring a sitter almost 24 hours a day due to feeling bored and needing something to occupy his time.

Tracy, who had great rapport with this patient, knew his birthday was coming up and that he was a bit anxious and down in spirit because he had hoped to be discharged and celebrate his birthday at home in Oklahoma. With this in mind, Tracy wanted to create a special birthday celebration that would “bring a smile to this young man’s face,” and so she reached out to Jan Hubert, the Executive Director of the GSMC Foundation.

Jan, delighted with this idea, provided the funds to do something special for the patient. Tracy, with the help of Windie Her, GSMC Patient Experience Manager, purchased a cake and a tablet PC for the patient with the hope of helping him feel more comfortable and at ease during his stay.

The patient was delighted to receive the tablet PC because it allowed him to enjoy his favorite hobby—music. Thanks to Tracy’s great rapport and her desire to bring joy to her patient, this small kindness allowed the patient to listen to the music he loves at any time, resulting in him feeling more at ease and no longer requiring a sitter.

This story reminds us that, in Tracy’s words, “we are all Good Samaritans and we go out of our way to help our patients feel safe and secure by letting them know we care about them.”


  1. Mrs Wendy Hendricks says

    Tracy is such an awesome “giving” and caring woman who brings light on her kob!!!
    I’m am sure this patient feels the love!!
    Quote People may not always remember what you’ve said., but will always remember how you made them feel.”
    That’s our wonderful Tracy
    Always putting others first!!
    We love her!!!

  2. Therese says

    Tracy that was so very thoughtful of you. I know he was extremely pleased. You made his birthday very special. Thank you for embodying the spirit of being a ‘Good Samaritan.”

  3. Sarah Kirksey RN says

    Tracy George is an outstanding CNA! She is even a better person! She gives her all to her patients! Going the extra mile is all in a days work for her. So blessed to know her and work with her. She is a treasure!!

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