Grateful Patient Reunites with Staff That Saved Her Life

Last week, staff and physicians from Mom/Baby, ICU, Surgery and more had a chance to experience the great outcome that they helped provide to a local family. Angela and her family wanted to come back and thank everyone for their care and compassion during her stay.

Here is her story:

When Angela had her baby girl in July, she began hemorrhaging badly during the C-section, and ended up needing more than 20 gallons of blood to survive.

After her first-hand experience, Angela has given of her time with Bonfils Blood Center to encourage blood donation. She and her family continued to be gracious with their time this week, returning to thank Dr. Rachel Stacey and many others on our Lutheran team who worked tirelessly to save her life and help baby Olivia begin hers. It was a great privilege to see their smiling faces again!

This story was posted on the Lutheran Medical Center Facebook and Twitter.

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