Valentine’s Week Contest

For Valentine’s Week, let’s ask a question about LOVE.

There are dozens of myths surrounding what we celebrate as Valentine’s Day, going back for centuries. Most of the historical references to Saint Valentine are related to martyrdom and in fact, there are unanswered questions about who was Saint Valentine. At least three are listed, one of them a woman.

Perhaps it’s true that the writer Chaucer invented the celebration of love in the 14th Century. It has been both a religious feast day to honor saints and a day to celebrate romantic love. And, it hasn’t always been celebrated in February.

In modern times, we celebrate with cards, candy, flowers, romantic dinners and more. By some estimates, people in the United States spend nearly $20 billion on Valentine’s Day and some 6 million couples become engaged to marry!

The roots of Valentine’s Day go back to at least the 5th Century and something called Lupercalia. For a chance at a $5 gift card for the café or coffee cart, tell us what Lupercalia was.

Send your answers by Thursday, Feb. 16, to to be entered in the drawing. There will be 10 winners. Lutheran associates only, please. Managers, directors, senior leaders and previous winners aren’t eligible.

Last week’s contest was pretty easy if you know anything about Bridges Health and Wellness and the great integrative therapies they provide. Winners of the passes to a Saturday yoga class were both in PT – Kaye Basedow and Jeri Schmelzel. Congratulations and enjoy your class!

Have a great week,

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