A World of Difference in Tanzania

At long last and nearing the end of our team’s two weeks in Tanzania, the container of donations and medical supplies arrived! This 40-foot container was shipped months ago, but required extensive processing before it was delivered to the hospital.

As soon as it arrived, our team got to work unpacking and setting up the supplies, equipment and laptops donated by SCL Health.  Many laptops went to the MaaSAE Lutheran Girls School where young girls are able to receive a secondary education. This school provides an essential service to these young women because it gives them economic independence in a culture where the biggest challenge is forced marriages and a life of servitude. These ambitious women have dreams of becoming doctors, chemists and teachers. Watch as one of these girls shares her dream of becoming a doctor.

Back at Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre, our team was wrapping up their work and teaching a seminar on Basic Life Support (BLS). Nearly 80 nursing students attended the session and things even got musical when Amy Kreeger taught chest compressions to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees.  You can watch a video of this hit lesson here.

Throughout their two weeks in Tanzania, our associates used their creativity, expertise and teamwork to accomplish their long list of goals. From installing the new medical air compressor and x-ray machine, to increasing server storage and leading educational seminars, this trip made a lasting impact on the lives of our Tanzanian brothers and sisters.

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