Lantern Can Ease Your Stress

Do you ever feel like there’s too much on your plate? Does the pressure to get it all done ever show up as physical pain or difficulty sleeping? Do you have trouble focusing or find yourself irritable with those around you? These are just some of the ways stress and anxiety can show up.

You can feel better in 2017!

SCL Health is offering a new, free benefit to all associates and their family members (ages 18 and older) to help you find ways to ease and manage stress and anxiety. Download the Lantern app (look for the orange and white “L” logo) through the iTunes or Google Play app stores and use access code “SCLHealth” to get started today!

Ease stress; manage anxiety
Lantern is a program based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness to address your specific challenges with practical exercises so that you feel better able to manage life’s challenges.

You’ll learn how your thoughts, behaviors and feelings are connected and how to feel more in control. The program is rooted in proven research and has a variety of techniques to help you find what works for you. You learn and practice on your phone, at your pace.

  • Lantern fits into a busy schedule. In 15 minutes a day, learn to ease and manage stress and anxiety.
  • You can use Lantern at your speed. Practice techniques on your phone, at your pace, wherever you are.
  • Complete Lantern on your time. Fit the program into your morning routine, on a break or before bed.

Get a personal coach
The best part? When you sign up, you are paired with your own personal coach. They are here to guide you and help provide motivation and accountability along the way. Your coach can also help you set goals and celebrate your accomplishments.

To see how Lantern can apply to your life, check out this video:

Get started
Ready to start feeling less overwhelmed? Simply download the Lantern app (on iPhone or Android) and enter access code “SCLHealth” to get started. We think you’ll like it.

You can reach the Lantern support team via email at For general questions, you can also reach out to the HR Service Center Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT at 855-412-3701 or 303-813-5250, or visit the SCL Health Benefits website to learn more about the program. From the homepage, click on Healthy Living then Lantern.


  1. Sako Barbarian says

    Excellent program and resource. Linear, digestible, enjoyable, -and most importantly- effective approach to be mindfulness-based CBT strategies. I highly recommend it. 2 weeks in, and loving it so far.

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