The March 2017 Monarch Award Goes To…

The MONARCH Award is presented monthly and is based on nominations from patients, visitors or other associates to recognize those who consistently demonstrate superior behaviors. These associates have displayed themselves as someone who Motivates, is Organized, Nurtures others, has the ability to Analyze critical situations and Restore normal operations, and Care for and Heal others.

The MONARCH nominees at Saint Joseph Hospital have so much passion for what they do, and their teamwork and excellence is appreciated throughout their departments.

The March 2017 MONARCH award goes to Peggy Thorndock from Transport Services!

One night, Peggy transported a patient to the Imaging holding area around 11:00p.m. Though Peggy’s shift was over at 11:00p.m. she decided to stay with the patient until a tech arrived. The patient had said they weren’t feeling well and needed to go to the restroom. Peggy wheeled the patient back to the holding bay where the patient all of the sudden became “limp” in the wheelchair. She immediately called the Rapid Response Team and worked with the techs to get the patient onto a stretcher.

Because Peggy listened to the patient and stayed with them, the patient had someone there to call for help when the things escalated. It is people like Peggy that make Saint Joe’s known for their admirable care.

“Peggy, your actions exemplify the values and service that make a difference to those you serve and work with every day. Your Caring Spirit is exceptional as you make a difference in your actions and healing presence. You serve as a role model for others in your behaviors and interactions. We are grateful to you for all you do on an ongoing basis to receive this award.” – Barb Jahn



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