Congrats to Our Q1 Monarch Award Winner!

The MONARCH Award is presented quarterly and is based on nominations from patients, visitors or other associates to recognize associates who consistently demonstrate superior behaviors. These associates have displayed themselves as someone who Motivates, is Organized, Nurtures others, has the ability to Analyze critical situations and Restore normal operations, and Care for and Heal others.

Each nominee is applauded for their continued efforts in providing outstanding care and making Good Samaritan Medical Center an exceptional workplace. Please congratulate our nominees as you see them around the hospital and thank them for a job well done.

Ken Cromwell – Maintenance

Carmen Abare – EVS

Tracy George – Surgical

Katie Pouska – Psychical Therapy

Candi Cruz – Sterile Processing

Sam Processing

Sarah McMahon

Hancel Pena – Riley – MS1

Bethani Detivis – MS1

Deb Palmer – ms 1

Autumn Vonfeldt – Mom / Baby

Gus Diaz – EVS

Iwona Holman – Mom / Baby

Marcela Soriano – EVS

Nathan Hodge – RT

And a  big congratulations to our winner….  Amber Cordova – MS2!

Amber was nominated for a recent experience where a patient with some behavioral health difficulties made for tough working environment. The patient had been acting aggressively towards staff. As 5-6 staff members worked to transfer the patient to an inpatient psychiatric facility, the patient put up a fight and did not corporate with staff. Amber went out of her way to listen to the patient and really connected with them. Her kindness and sense of humor helped to make the patient feel comfortable and put them at ease for the transfer.

“Mission Impossible suddenly was looking optimistic as the patient laughed at Amber’s humor. She learned to trust her and let her guard down.  I don’t think the patient had done that in a long time and Amber gave her such an amazing farewell gift.”

Good Samaritan thanks Amber for her dedication in making this hospital known for its excellence in care. 


Congrats to Our Q1 Daisy Award Winner!

The DAISY Awards are for “extraordinary nurses” that go above and beyond in caring for their patients.  The program recognizing these nurses was established in 1999 and awards are given quarterly. The award was designed to say “thank you” to the nursing profession as they believe nurses are truly unsung heroes.

Each DAISY Award winner is given a statue called the “Healers Touch” made in Zimbabwe that symbolizes the way these nurses care for their patients.

Good Sam wouldn’t be the same without these amazing nurses!

Congrats to our nominees:

Noelle Arcuri
RN – Talent Share Float Pool

Charlotte Breck
RN – Labor & Delivery

Brigitte Clench
RN – Med/Surg 2

Genevieve Compton
RN – Mom/Baby

Noah Dommer
RN – Emergency Department

Clarissa Fives
RN – Operating Room

Alex Geske
RN – Agency/Traveler
(Not Pictured)

Ashley Hinrichs
RN – Labor and Delivery

Shanise Jordan-Casey
RN – Medical

Jessica Lutgen

Maude Gettigan
RN – Infection Prevention

Thomas Pina
RN – Agency/Traveler

Luz Ramirez
RN – Observation

Maggie Savely

Cali Stegman
RN – Agency/Traveler
(Not Pictured)

Diane Struppler
RN – Mom/Baby

Kyle Swagman
RN – Observation

Lea Taylor
RN – Med/Surg 2

Stacy Tone
RN – Labor and Delivery

Leah VonGlahn
RN – Mom/Baby

And the 2017 Q1 Daisy Award goes to….

Courtney Donovan

Courtney was nominated by a physician who said “The Innovation of “Code Caring” lead by Courtney Donovan, is a living, operational example of Dr. Watson’s Caring Science research and Florence Nightingale’s legacy of  continually striving to improve the environment in which care is delivered. Courtney’s work has had a strong impact on the nursing practice environment at Good Samaritan Medical Center.”


Patient Experience Week: Take a Walk in Their Shoes

Patient Experience Week, held April 24-28, celebrates healthcare staff impacting patient experience everyday. The week provides a focused time for organizations to celebrate accomplishments, reenergize efforts and honor the people who impact patient experience everyday.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take on one of the following challenges to help better understand the patient experience.

Challenge #1: Sleep in a patient gown

– Swing the Volunteer Office next week (M-F, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) and grab a patient gown and sleep in it for a night. Feel what patients experience when they can’t sleep in their favorite pajamas.

Challenge #2: Wear a wristband for three days

– Put on a wristband and wear this for a few days. These will also be available throughout the week in the Volunteer Office.

Challenge #3: Breathe through a straw for 5 minutes

– Experience what it’s like for our patients who have trouble breathing. Such a simple part of living that we can sometimes take for granted!

Challenge #4: Put a spot of Vaseline on your glasses

– Sight–another thing we may take for granted until it’s gone. Give this a try and feel what patient’s with vision problems may experience.

Additonally, our PFAC (Patient and Family Advisory Council) will host a table in front of the Sky Café on Tuesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 27, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Swing by to learn more about what our PFAC does for our hospital!

Two Associates Tie for the Gold

In February, we had two associates truly stand out among our Good As Gold nominations: Peggy Hogan from our Customer Call Center, and Marlon Iraola from our Nutrition Services department.

Good As Gold awards recognize associates for using our care site’s Service Behaviors to provide service excellence by exceeding normal job requirements or improving patient experience. These Service Behaviors are: act safely, communicate effectively, act respectfully, project professional image, and promote teamwork.

Peggy Hogan was recently at the Sky Café, and saw an elderly gentleman on his hands and knees cleaning up soup that his wife had spilled. Peggy immediately took action told the gentleman, “It’s okay, sir, we’ve got it.” Not only did Peggy clean up the soup, but she also made sure no one got burned. The person who nominated Peggy bought her salad and Peggy responded by saying, “You don’t have to do that. This is what it’s all about.” Peggy was a great example of how we are all on a team, not separated by department.

One evening, Marlon Iraola was given a unique request: make a wedding cake. Our hospital had a palliative care patient who wished to be marries, and the ceremony was set in the middle of our evening patient tray-line service. Marlon, who has extensive culinary training, rushed to the aide of our chaplain services by transforming an ordinary angel food cake into a scrumptious strawberry wedding cake in only 15 minutes. This feat was achieved all while continuing to serve the other 150 patients on the line. According to his nomination, Marlon was, “so humble and so grateful to have the opportunity to bring a little joy to a family and staff in a very tough situation.”

Congratulations to both of our amazing February Good As Gold winners!




March Hydration Challenge Winners

Thank you to all who participated in the March National Nutrition Month campaign!

The activities were a hit with weekly café samples and meet-and-greets with the Good Samaritan Medical Center dietitians. Additionally, the hydration challenge was successful in getting helping associates drink more liquid throughout the day.

Congratulations to our three hydration challenge winners! These associates were chosen for logging their fluid intake weekly, averaging seven cups or more of fluid per day.

WINNER: Theresa Mayer, Laboratory Compliance-Quality Coordinator
Theresa’s tip for staying hydrated at work: Start with huge container of hot tea in the morning and refill it with hot water all day long. In addition, drink unsweetened tea all day. Carry my water-to-go bottle to any meeting I set off to.



WINNER: Kathleen Masur, Receptionist Medical Imaging
Kathleen’s tip for staying hydrated at work: Re-fill in the café with infused water and keep water bottle in hydration station and each time I get up for a task I take a huge gulp.



WINNER: Tina Greene
Tina’s tip for staying hydrated at work: Always keep a water bottle with you. If you travel always keep one in your vehicle. I keep mine at my desk and it is there every morning as a reminder to fill up and drink water.

Associate Wins Elite Nightingale Luminary Award

Founded in 1985, the Nightingale Awards event honors nurses who embody the philosophy and practice of Florence Nightingale, a 19th century nursing pioneer, who epitomized the art of helping people toward their optimal health.

Courtney Donovan, a nurse in GSMC’s ICU department, was recently nominated for a Nightingale Award for her work in developing Code Caring at Good Samaritan Medical Center. She was recognized alongside 170 nurses in the Denver area for their contributions to the nursing profession.

An elite group of 24 Nightingale Luminaries, including Courtney, were selected from all nominees to move on the state-wide recognition banquet to be held this May. At this banquet, two Nightingale Winners will be selected for 2017.

Congratulations, Courtney! We are honored to have you on our team and benefit from your passion.

Good As Gold Associate Goes Above and Beyond

On Tuesday, March 28, the Good Samaritan Medical Center Senior Leadership Team headed up to the Occupational Therapy department to present a Good As Gold award to our latest winner: Tracy Matthews.

Good As Gold awards recognize associates for using our care site’s Service Behaviors to provide service excellence by exceeding normal job requirements or improving patient experience. These Service Behaviors are: act safely, communicate effectively, act respectfully, project professional image, and promote teamwork.

Tracy was recognized by a co-worker for doing all these behaviors. According to her nomination, Tracy “consistently goes above and beyond to care for the whole patient and does an excellent job at looking at the big picture. This may very well have saved someone’s life.”

During an interview with a complicated trauma patient, Tracy learned that the patient was a primary caregiver for an elderly person. Instead of leaving it there, she communicated her concern about the elderly person to the appropriate person, and Case Management conveyed this information to the police. The police then transferred the elderly person to the hospital via ambulance.

“Were it not for Tracy listening to the patient and following her heart to do the RIGHT thing, there may have been a very different outcome.”

Great job, Tracy, and congratulations!

Day in The Life: GSMC Food Services

Day in the life is designed to give our associates and patients a “behind the scenes” look at what different departments and people do inside the hospital. It takes many teams within the hospital to ensure we are providing the best care for our patients.

This month we looked at the Good Samaritan Medical Center Food Services Department and the vital role the team plays in keeping patients, visitors, associates, physicians and volunteers fueled and fed for the day.

The salad bar is a popular option, so Penny helps keep it stocked and clean after the lunch rush.

No tears here. Jim is an onion-slicing veteran (and he has the advantage of large vents running behind him).

When patients, guests and associates come to refuel in the coffee shop, Gail and her teammates are here to help.

Mmmm… Who’s hungry? When you need a nice, home-style meal, Mike is your guy. He helps serve up everything from pizza and nachos to brussel sprouts and chicken.

A chef’s office is behind a grill or stove, right? Yes. But also for Chef Chester, it’s here, where he handles all the ordering, scheduling and planning tasks that make cooking possible. Safe to say his is the only desk with knives in the hospital.

Karen Dier, Manager of Nutrition Services, has her hands in almost every aspect of food services. Here, she sets tables for a long-term associate breakfast.

Derrick is like the air traffic controller of the kitchen for patient rooms. As the tickets and trays line up, he sorts it all out to make sure no one remains hungry for long.

Farewell and Thank You

Join us in celebrating Dave’s retirement!

  • What: Dave’s Farewell Party
  • When: Thursday, March 30, 3–5 p.m.
  • Where: Conference Center A-D
  • Who: All associates, physicians and volunteers

Message from Dave:

Almost seventeen years ago, we set out to build Good Samaritan Medical Center.

I have many fond memories of the early days of our hospital—of designs, projects and dreams to create a facility that is truly special. Our team committed to creating not only a center of excellence for patient care, but something more: a place of healing and comfort for our patients and our community, and a place our staff could call “home.”

I think back fondly to our hospital’s early days, during which we dedicated a great deal of time to discuss culture. We created the framework for a culture that was different—a culture based on respect and kindness—one where patients, family members, associates and physicians alike, could call each other “family.”

This influence continues even today: our culture is embodied in our Code of Conduct statement, and is reflected in the interactions our associates have on a daily basis. You have my deepest gratitude not only for excelling in your specific area of expertise, but also for being compassionate, thoughtful healers.

Each of you has your fingerprints on all that we have accomplished over the years, and I will feel forever blessed and grateful. Your skill, compassion and expertise have helped to make Good Samaritan Medical Center the truly special place that it is.

“May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”      – Irish Blessing

Peace & Blessings,

Dave Hamm

Thank You, Lifesavers!

Our associates help each other out on a daily basis. Whether that’s a helping hand or a listening ear, we are here for each other. As part of the I am Good Samaritan: iCare campaign, associates were able to reward fellow teammates last week for going the extra mile and being a Lifesaver with a pack of delicious Lifesaver candies!

Some of these packs included a golden star under the wrapper, which could be exchanged for a fun prize. A total of 80 associates won a prize, and one Grand Prize winner was randomly selected from this group.

The Grand Prize winner was Remy Owen from Med/Surg 3, pictured on right with her team, who took home a Beats Headset.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all of our associates for being lifesavers!