Congrats to Our Q4 Monarch Award Winner!

The MONARCH Award is presented quarterly and is based on nominations from patients, visitors or other associates to recognize associates who consistently demonstrate superior behaviors. These associates have displayed themselves as someone who Motivates, is Organized, Nurtures others, has the ability to Analyze critical situations and Restore normal operations, and Care for and Heal others.

The MONARCH nominees at Saint Joseph Hospital have so much passion for what they do, and their teamwork and excellence is appreciated throughout their departments. If you see any of these nominees, be sure to congratulate and recognize them for their dedication to making Saint Joseph Hospital such a wonderful place.

The 2016 Q4 MONARCH award goes to a very special associate, who was nominated by a visitor. The visitor had parked their car in one of the many Saint Joe’s parking lots and lost track of where it was they had parked. Daniel Parker drove the man around in his car until they spotted where the visiting man had parked. Not only was he relieved to find his vehicle, but he noted the way in which Daniel made him feel after his own embarrassment.

Mr. Parker explained that it occurs very often and not to feel stupid for when one visits a person at the hospital, their focus often is elsewhere. That was kindness. He was most patient, kind and friendly. I was so grateful”

Congratulations Daniel on receiving this quarter’s prized Monarch award, and thank you for being a perfect example of what a caring spirit means to us here at SCL Health.

Are You Ready for Our Magnet Site Visit?

Magnet is about all of us working together to provide the very best patient care! Help Saint Joe’s to be recognized as one of the top 6% of hospitals in the nation when we host four Magnet Recognition Program® appraisers April 3-5. The Site Visit is a chance to tell our story, to show pride in what we do everyday, and to share how you make a difference to our patients.

What Can You Do To Get Ready?

  • Take a look at our document that tells the story of our Magnet journey– it’s on The Landing.
  • Enroll in the HealthStream elearning today. There are still chances to win great prizes!
  • Join us for a fun Magnet Fair on Wednesday, March 15th in the main hospital lobby.
  • Find one of the mobile Magnet carts to learn more about this amazing journey.
  • Take a look at your unit’s data wall and notice our awesome outcomes.

Learning more prepares us to showcase our quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice.

Meet the Saint Joseph Hospital Multi Media Services Department

Many people don’t know what the Media Services Department at Saint Joseph Hospital is all about. Well your chance to find out is coming up on Wed. March 29. Stop by during your lunch break to hear the short history of Media Services at Saint Joseph Hospital and see how the team has evolved. There will be short demonstrations of available A/V equipment and video services. You can learn what they can do for your department to help make your presentations stand out from the others and stay memorable with your intended audience.


Wednesday, March 29, Noon to 12:45 p.m.


Saint Joe’s Central Transportation Department Keeps Things Moving

There are more than 2,500 associates at Saint Joseph Hospital and each of us plays a role in the success of our organization. One group, however, is always on the move to make sure our patients are well taken care of. Saint Joe’s Central Transportation department is made up of 26 Transporters and 12 Customer Service Representatives who staff the 8Care Call Center. In 2016, the Transport team made 143,207 “moves” which translates into nearly 400 a day or 12,000 a month. Moves or “transports” are primarily patient moves which can include direct admits, discharges and moving patients to and from an X-ray, Cat Scan, Radiation Oncology or another test site. They also are asked to move beds and other equipment throughout the hospital. The Call Center is also very busy and handled nearly 260,000 transactions last year-that’s about 700 a day! A transaction is an email, phone call or a transport or work request that our Customer Service Representatives process to ensure patients and associates are getting what they need.

Saint Joseph Hospital President Jamie Smith had a great experience when he recently spent some time on the move with the Central Transportation department and was very impressed by their hard work and dedication to our patients.

And, in case you missed it check out this video about when Jamie went undercover with the EVS team.

Front Range Care Sites Named Among Top Hospitals in the Country

Three Front Range care sites — Saint Joseph Hospital, Good Samaritan Medical Center and Lutheran Medical Center — were named among Healthgrades’ top 100 hospitals in the country last week. All three care sites were named to the top 100 list last year, and this year Saint Joseph Hospital moved into the top 50 hospitals in the country.

The top 100 list represents the top two percent of hospitals in the country and the top 50 represents the top one percent. Saint Joseph Hospital had been on the top 100 list for the past three years before being named to the top 50. Read the full coverage of the awards in the Denver Business Journal.

Congratulations to all three care sites!


Saint Joseph Hospital Named One of the 50 Best Hospitals in the Country!

Healthgrades last week announced their annual list of the top hospitals in the nation. Saint Joseph Hospital was named one of the 50 Best Hospitals (or top 1 percent) in the nation for 2017, moving up from the list of the top 100 Best Hospitals that it had been on for the past three years. Our SCL Health sister hospitals in the Front Range, Good Samaritan and Lutheran Medical Centers, were recognized as well being named among America’s 100 Best Hospitals.

According to Healthgrades, our hospitals “have exhibited comprehensive quality care across a broad spectrum of clinical specialties… (and) have mastered the skills to deliver superior clinical outcomes in multiple conditions and procedures, year after year.”

Read the full article in the Denver Business Journal:

We can all take great pride in this accomplishment as being recognized in this elite category is a direct result of your hard work and your focus on collaborative and compassionate care for our patients.

Help Get Saint Joe’s on the Magnet Map

Saint Joseph Hospital (SJH) submitted a 350-page document on October 3, 2016 demonstrating our collaborative culture, transformational leadership, outstanding outcomes, empowerment, and professional development support.  Read the document on the Landing!

SJH met the requirements to host the Magnet Recognition Program appraisers in a Site Visit on April 3-5, 2017.  The appraisers want to meet you!  This is our opportunity to tell the Saint Joseph Hospital story and put us on the Magnet map.

Upcoming Magnet Events:

NOW through March 31st: Optional eLearning available on HealthStream (search for Magnet and enroll) – weekly drawings for fun prizes!

Week of March 13th: Magnet Carts rounding on units

March 15th: Magnet Fair in the SJH Lobby

March 23rd: Mock Site Visit

Potential questions you might get from appraisers:

Why do you work at Saint Joseph Hospital?

Tell me a time you made a difference to a patient or family member.

How does your unit or department make decisions?

Where is your unit data wall?

What is your unit working on to improve?

Each of us has a role in getting Saint Joe’s on the Magnet map so let’s get ready!

Saint Joseph Hospital Celebrates NICU Expansion

On Feb., 16, Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation hosted a ribbon cutting event to celebrate the successful completion of the Saint Joseph Hospital NICU expansion.  This project created new private rooms on the unit which will allow the hospital to serve about 20 additional premature or critically ill newborns each year.  Members of the SJH and Foundation executive teams and business community including media partners, Foundation board members and donors attended the ceremony.  Other special guests included physicians and administrative leaders from the NICU along with the Lancaster family who had two babies that began their lives here at Saint Joseph Hospital NICU.

Saint Joe’s has been Colorado’s top baby hospital for more than 140 years and projects like the NICU expansion support our ongoing efforts to provide the modern amenities and personalized care our tiniest patients need to thrive.

Congratulations Cristina Gonzales-Monarch Award Recipient Q4 2016

Cristina Gonzales was nominated by Lisa Alecci, Executive Director of the SJH Foundation and is the recipient of the fourth quarter 2016 Saint Joseph Hospital Monarch award.

Nomination:  Cristina Gonzales began her career at Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation on Friday, September 30th, 2016. Early on October 5th, 2016, while still trying to find her way around the Foundation much less our hospital, Cristina was walking to her office when a Spanish-speaking woman looked lost and confused. Cristina is extremely nurturing and is bilingual, so she asked in Spanish if she could help. The woman needed to get to her first appointment at the Cancer Center and had been given the address of the old hospital. Not knowing exactly where the Cancer Center was, Cristina quickly analyzed the situation and offered to help. She was motivated to care for this woman, so she walked her over to the hospital and went to the front desk. She asked where she could find the CC, and then guided her new friend to the correct location. No one at the information desk spoke Spanish, yet they needed much information from the woman. Knowing she was now late for work but also that she was the only one who could help begin this woman’s path to healing, Cristina stayed to help her friend answer the necessary questions.

Cristina chatted with the woman, calming her nerves and making her laugh, for nearly 30 minutes. When a healthcare tech arrived, she spoke only a tiny bit of Spanish. Cristina asked if there was a Spanish-speaking associate or translator available and was told there was not. Cristina was afraid to leave her friend but knew she now had no choice so she came back to the office. She was afraid she might have done something wrong rather than heroic and I told her immediately what a phenomenal job she had done and how impressed I was with her motivation to make sure our patients were treated in a caring way. She went way above and beyond her abilities, my expectations of her at this early point in her career, and saw the situation through to the very last possible moment. For this incredible presence of mind and selfless action, especially considering how new Cristina was (is!) to Saint Joseph Hospital, I feel she is the perfect recipient of the Monarch award and I will supply any further information you need to be certain, as I am, that Cristina is the very model of a Saint Joseph Hospital associate and very deserving of this amazing award.

Congratulations on a well-deserved recognition!

The SJH Monarch Committee

Saint Joseph Hospital’s Magnet Journey is About YOU

What Is Magnet?

The Magnet Recognition Program® recognizes health-care organizations for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice.  Magnet accreditation recognizes the top 6% of hospitals nationwide for outstanding outcomes, a healthy work environment, nursing excellence, and strong mission, vision and values supporting patients, families and community.  Magnet is about you!

Saint Joseph Hospital (SJH) began its Magnet Journey years ago when we decided to raise the bar and be the very best in the nation!  SJH sought continuous improvement in preventing hospital-acquired conditions and associate injuries while increasing associate and patient satisfaction.  It took all of us to impact our report card and we can be proud of the results!  Magnet is an opportunity to tell our story!

What does it mean to me?

Recognition for the great work you do every day!  Magnet supports continuous improvement, evidence-based practice, collaboration, recruitment, retention, business opportunities, and financial outcomes.  Healthcare is competitive.  Magnet draws associates, physicians, and patients!  Magnet is a competitive advantage and empowers us to lead into the future!

Watch for exciting events in the near future as we prepare for our Magnet Site Visit April 3-5, 2017!