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  1. Lori Gallegos says

    I think that all the hospitals including Lutheran and St. Joe’s should have access or be informed of the RN to BSN program you guys are offering to employee’s I work at an EPN clinic and am connected to Lutheran and would have never known about this offer but my co worker was kind enough to share the information with me because she is linked to Good Samaritan.
    I think you would have a huge response can you pass this along to whom ever could change this.

    Thank you

  2. says

    Take Back Your In Box video won’t play on my office computer. Yes I have a VLC player and yes I have authorization to down load it. Anybody have a solution before I contact STSC. MANY THANKs -k-

    • Jennifer Jas says

      Hi Kyle, send me an email with the details about what’s happening when you try to play the video. This seems to be a rare issue, but we are working closely with STSC to solve issues as they arise. Thanks!

  3. Terry Vandehei says

    It was great to be able to spend some time looking at this information after that fact. A lot of items were discussed that I wouldn’t have even thought were on the radar yet. It’s good to know what is being reviewed and that thought is going into those things. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kim Caesar says

    Many of my colleagues and I are wondering if there has been any progress to getting the “Employee Classifeds” back up and running? They used to be available on the old portal. We are missing the great opportunity to trade, buy, and sell goods and services with our hospital colleagues. Thank you!

  5. Amber says

    I just was wondering since it’s the year of 2016 when will the Aurora office be opening up as well will there be a way to apply for a position on the portal.

  6. Gene Smith says

    I have never smoked and do not want to charged $50/month. Please clarify any form (s) I need to fill out. Thanks, Gene

  7. Joy says

    I like the posters that say Don’t Procrastinate, VACCINATE. However, as a nurse, I noticed in the picture the woman is about to be vaccinated with a blunt tipped needle. These needles are not very sharp and are very large, they are never used to inject medications into a patient, they are only used to draw up medication.

    Just thought someone might want to know,
    A nurse from Good Samaritan Hospital

  8. karen stears says

    I had my biometric screening in September through Qwest lab in Billings MT. It is not showing on my page. How do I correct this?

  9. Nancy says

    I am unable to schedule an appointment for the lab work because there are no appointments available. I am however having this done at my PCP in November.

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