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brian mugLocal_EWHh(cmw}d[Content Editor – Brian Newsome, Director of Content Services

Brian wanted to be a doctor until college chemistry scared him off. He did the next best thing by combining his knack for writing with his love of healthcare. A former newspaper reporter, he joined our team in May 2014 and is responsible for our systemwide editorial and content strategy, as well as external and advocacy communications. He serves as our Public Information Officer and provides media and PR counsel to care site Marcom partners. Brian earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Baylor University. He enjoys camping, skiing, writing fiction, riding his motorcycle and spending time with his wife and two young kids.



JenniferJasReporter – Jennifer Jas, Content Manager

Jennifer loves to write good stories as much as she likes reading them. She works with the team of Marketing & Communications pros to tell stories through articles, social media postings, presentations, videos, web content and more. She joined SCL Health in 2012 and has worked in healthcare communications for eight years. Before that, she was a freelancer and work-from-home mom, served as the corporate spokesperson for the company that makes Little Debbie snacks, and once interviewed President George W. Bush. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys barefoot trail running, spending time with her two teenage daughters, motorcycling and writing haiku poetry.




Lauren-LinkedIn2Reporter – Lauren Wojtko, Content Specialist

As a writer, you can find Lauren chasing the latest news stories and bringing them to you daily through SCLHealthNews.org and systemwide content on The Landing. Additionally, she creates infographics and videos that bring content to life. Having worked for several high-tech companies, she appreciates modern technologies and how they can deliver content in new and exciting ways. Most recently, she worked as a health writer for NutriGenics — a diet and nutrition company. She graduated from Regis University with degrees in marketing and communications. Lauren spends her free time in the mountains rock climbing, ice climbing, hiking, camping and conquering Colorado’s many 14ers.



profile pictureReporter – Kyle Garratt, Content Specialist

Kyle helps tell the great stories of associates and patients throughout our system on SCL Health News. He enjoys bringing personal stories to light to showcase the great work we do in our communities. In a previous life, he was a journalist before attending graduate school at Colorado State University and transitioning into non-profit communication and social marketing. Most recently, he worked for a local non-profit transportation organization helping people utilize alternative transportation. In his free time Kyle enjoys hiking, reading, biking and escaping into his daughter’s fantasy worlds with her.


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