Editorial Standards

SCL Health News is not your everyday business newsletter. Our communications team believes every associate and stakeholder deserves content and information of the highest editorial and professional standards, delivered in a way that is easy to use and accessible to all. To ensure that we deliver the quality our readers deserve, we abide by the following standards when producing and sharing content.

Our editorial statement

As a trusted healthcare partner that puts people first, we will provide authentic, useful and relevant content in the spirit of enriching the lives of those we serve. We will entertain and delight when we can, and we will talk about tough subjects as we must. In all ways, we will bring value, and we will respect the time and attention of our readers.

Our editorial objectives

  1. To connect our associates, physicians and other stakeholders and, in doing so, leverage learning, create dialogue, and unify us as one SCL Health.
  1. To humanize healthcare and the work our associates do every day.
  1. To be a trusted partner and guide in helping associates navigate the complex landscape of healthcare.

Our guiding principles

  • Authenticity. We will refrain from using corporate jargon and focus on you, the reader.
  • Brevity & Clarity. We recognize that 1) people are busy and 2) information and distractions abound. We commit to keeping stories brief, clear and concise whenever possible.
  • Value. We recognize that our readers live busy, distracted lives, and we will evaluate our stories based on the value they bring to our audiences. Our content is about ‘you’ not ‘us.’

Our editorial guidelines

We will publish stories, videos, graphics and other content that serve our readers in the following ways:

  • Provides information that helps our associates to do their jobs better
  • Simplifies complex topics and important issues for patients and associates
  • Fosters a culture of excellence
  • Inspires us to live better or serve others
  • Entertains our readers in accordance with good humor, one of SCL Health’s values
  • Reveals ways in which we can live healthier lives
  • Brings communities together around important health issues

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