Q: What is www.SCLHealthNews.org?

A: Simply put, SCL Health News is your one-stop shop for news and information about the place you work. Here you will find timely, relevant and authentic stories and content about your hospital, your healthcare system and your fellow associates. You can access it anywhere and from any device.

Q: Isn’t that why we have The Landing?

A: The Landing (SCL Health’s intranet) is an important tool that serves many purposes, from accessing software applications to managing documents. While it provides a place for news as well, The Landing is limited in what it can do to bring you the information in the way that you want it. In the future, some stories posted on The Landing will link out to SCL Health News, which is designed with convenience and personalization in mind. Would you prefer to catch up on your break? Pull out your mobile phone. Don’t check your work email account? Sign up with your personal one. Want to share something you read with a co-worker? Simply share the link. Not on the company network? It’s available from any computer with Internet access.

Q: Why should I care?

A: Let’s face it, most associates spend the majority of time at work. Stories and news connect us to what’s happening and help us understand why it’s happening and how it impacts our work. Our associates and patients remind us of the awesome mission we serve. The content you find on SCL Health News is created with your needs in mind.

Q: What about information we don’t want to share publicly?

A: SCL Health News is a publicly available website. This means our foundation donors, community physicians, patients and other interested stakeholders can also enjoy certain stories and updates. However, there will be some proprietary information that may be for associates’ eyes only. That information will go on The Landing since it requires a secure sign-on.

Q: Does this mean I have another website to keep track of?

A: Not if you don’t want to. You can visit www.sclhealthnews.org anytime, but we’ll also be sharing the stories posted on the site with all associates through e-newsletters, as well as social media and The Landing. You will see and learn more about our ministry in new and creative ways.

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